One of the most important aspects of your home is the design. This is the portion of the homebuilding process where you are able to place your own personal and artistic touch on your home.

We take a friendly approach to guiding your own desires by asking you questions and brainstorming ideas. We encourage you to dream and to bring anything to the table that you feel may help spark the design direction. Many times a simple magazine clipping can help focus towards a certain design.

During these first design meetings you will meet with Zoran Mijatovic and our design professionals in order to discuss the direction of your design. All aspects of your home will be discussed so that the end product blends in gracefully with its surroundings. The experience of our professionals will help you to distill your desires into a more manageable vision.

We feel that it is critical to spend as much time as is necessary to fully research the style of home that you desire and to review and assess the construction plans of your home. A minor item, which does not appear to be a problem on the plans, could end up troubling you once your home is complete. We encourage you and our professionals to take the time to digest design ideas so that the process creates fresh and well thought out ideas.

Each and every specification set for your home will be scrutinized by the Landmark Luxury Group design team so that it fits within the program that you set for your home and so that it provides the home with an elegant and understated element within the overall design. We will strive to help you fully understand the design of your home and will make suggestions, where appropriate, to help you to get the most fulfillment out of your design.