Welcome to the beginning of an amazing journey and thank you for considering Landmark Luxury Group for the commission of your home.

We demand excellence in the quality of our construction and in the creativity of our home designs. Building or renovating a home can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience when you and your design / build professionals work closely together. We feel that our firm offers an approach to the design / build process that is distinctly different from the others. We offer a sophisticated and comprehensive program that provides you with the advantage of a team of highly qualified professionals who will review and help you to make decisions involving every aspect of your home and its surroundings.

We can take you from site selection / engineering to landscaping and from architecture to interior design. Our approach views each and every aspect of your home and its surroundings as integral elements. No one single aspect is viewed without research and thoughtful consideration of the other aspects. This approach serves to provide our clients with a home that truly is a cohesive vision of their dreams both inside and out.

Your cooperation and on-going communication is welcome and critical throughout the process. Our homes satisfy both your functional and artistic palettes. We pride ourselves in the high quality of our customer service and in our ability to respond to your needs in an expeditious fashion. Personal service is the hallmark of our company and the only way to do business. Zoran Mijatovic, Landmark Luxury Group president, makes himself personally available to guide our clients in every aspect of the design / build process.