The interior of a home should flow from the exterior and its surroundings. Our goal is always to blend the exterior and interior of a home in a harmonious fashion. Once again, this is accomplished by including our interior designer from the very beginning of the design / build process. Our architect and interior designer work in unison and with the other members of our team to create a home that is a work of art and an elegant and understated vision of our clients' dreams. The interior designer provides the finishing touches on our residences that allow our clients to truly live well and find the place that they call "home".

During the design phase of your home, you will be asked to begin to select the many and varied items which will come together to make up your home. This will seem a daunting task but we can make this process as painless as possible with our considerable experience and expertise. We can help you to distill the dizzying array of selections by steering you toward the products that most closely compliment the style of your home. We have a large pool of vendors from whom you may select materials for your home.

During the initial meetings, you will begin to select the exterior colors and materials for your home followed by windows, doors, and bathroom fixtures. We will also review the entire list of specifications, which need to be selected, and the time frames associated with the entire selection process. Our interior designer will be your main guide on the journey to choosing all of your selections. However, as each selection must fit within the overall style of the home, our other professionals will also aid in this process.

The benefit to working with our interior designer on all of your selections and from the very beginning of the process is clear. Our interior designer will help you to envision the entire picture of the home from initial window, masonry, and tile selections to furniture, window treatments, wall textures, and paint colors. We cannot stress enough that one of the keys to completing your home on schedule will be your ability to make timely selections. The sooner we obtain your decisions, the sooner we will place material orders and receive the items.